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Legislative Update: Senate Bill 286

UPDATE MARCH 18, 2017 The New Mexico legislature ended its 2017 session today without any further action on SB 286, the NM WILDLIFE PROTECTION & PUBLIC SAFETY ACT. This billed stalled in its first hearing in the Senate Conservation Committee and no further action...

Breaking News: Cougar Trapping Season Has Started

While APNM’s state and federal lawsuits are still ongoing, the legal process can take months or years—and the cougar trapping carnage has now begun. Starting November 1 of this year—for the first time in nearly five decades—millions of acres of New Mexico’s private...

Born Free USA Trapping Investigation: Victims of Vanity II

Five Years Later, Cruel Indifference Continues Over the course of the 2015-2016 trapping season, Born Free USA conducted a follow-up investigation to Victims of Vanity: our landmark investigation in 2011 that exposed the dark, brutal world of trapping. Since the...

Predator Control Should Not be a Shot in the Dark

Livestock owners traditionally use various non-lethal and lethal methods to protect their domestic animals from wild predators. However, many of these methods are implemented without first considering experimental evidence of their effectiveness in mitigating...

The Case for Mass Slaughter of Predators Just Got Weaker

A new study finds little evidence that lethal predator control does anything to help ranchers. A new study published in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment found that there's little scientific evidence that killing predators actually accomplishes the...

nm ziaKnow Your State Legislators!

Your New Mexico state Senator and Representative have the power to ban traps, snares and poisons on public lands. Find out who they are and let them know you oppose trapping on public lands. A simple phone call and email can make all the difference.


People's Forum Panel Report on Public Lands Trapping

The New Mexico Legislature should ban trapping on public lands in New Mexico because traps harm people, animal companions, and whole populations of wildlife including rare species. Most New Mexican voters believe that trapping is cruel and unnecessary.

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