Dear TrapFree New Mexico Friend,

It’s time for one last push to get Roxy’s Law (SB 32) passed through the New Mexico legislature!

On Sunday, the bill to ban traps, snares, and poisons on public lands cleared its final committee thanks to so many of you who called, emailed, and showed up. Now SB 32 is on the House calendar waiting for a full vote and we need to make sure our state representatives hear how important this legislation is.

Please email the entire New Mexico House of Representatives by clicking the button below.

NOTE: Please customize/personalize the Subject line of your email.

Click here to email all NM House Representatives in Support of SB 32

In your email, make sure to ask them to support SB 32 and tell them why you oppose traps, snares, and poisons on New Mexico public lands.

Then, please share this email with your NM friends, family, and neighbors who also want trap-free public lands.

Thank you for all the work getting Roxy’s Law this far!