Roxy’s Law is working!

TrapFree New Mexico, our partners, and thousands of New Mexicans worked for years to make public lands in our state safer for people, pets, and native wildlife. Finally, Roxy’s Law was enacted in 2021 and implemented in 2022. Since then, there has been a stark decline...

Dog survives brink of death run-in with potentially illegal snare

ESPAÑOLA, N.M. — Española Humane workers never know what’s going to come through their doors, but Wednesday brought an unusually rare case. “Almost unrecognizable as a dog,” said Mattie Allen, director of communications for Española Humane. “It’s pretty shocking to...

New Mexico Citizens Speak Out for Trap-Free Public Lands

New Mexico citizens speak out for trap-free public lands

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Bye-Bye, Trapping on Public Land in New Mexico

Bye-Bye, Trapping on Public Land in New Mexico

Mary Katherine Ray helped outlaw traps in her state Adapted from an interview by Lindsey Botts January 1, 2023 A few years after moving to a remote area of southern New Mexico, I saw a Sierra Club ad in the local paper. I was a longtime member and thought, "That's...

Roxy’s Law now in effect on New Mexico public lands 🐕

Dear Friends of TrapFree New Mexico, Thanks to the contributions of thousands of TrapFree New Mexico supporters, November 1, 2022 marks the beginning of a very different and vastly diminished wildlife trapping season in New Mexico. For the first time ever, all public...

Illegal Trapper Arrested

Illegal Trapper Arrested

MILAN, N.M. – Milan man Zacharia Copeland, 22, has been charged with Trapping Without a License. The charge came after Copeland posted a Facebook photo of a badger he had shot. Investigators found the photo, and on October 19 they filed a criminal complaint against...

Trapping ban to take effect on public lands in New Mexico

Trapping ban to take effect on public lands in New Mexico

It will be illegal to use wildlife traps, snares and poison on public lands across New Mexico under a ban that takes effect Friday. New Mexico is joining a handful of Western states that have limited trapping on public lands, with supporters saying the move will help...

New Mexicans want safe, trap-free public lands

TrapFree New Mexico is a coalition opposing cruel, destructive traps on public lands. Traps pose an unacceptable risk to public lands users, companion animals, and wildlife. We seek a ban on traps on public lands in New Mexico for the sake of public safety, wildlife and ecological integrity. More than 100 countries worldwide have banned or severely restricted the use of traps. New Mexico should do the same.

People's Forum Panel Report on Public Lands Trapping

The New Mexico Legislature should ban trapping on public lands in New Mexico because traps harm people, animal companions, and whole populations of wildlife including rare species. Most New Mexican voters believe that trapping is cruel and unnecessary.

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