Audio Interviews with Trap Victims

The Animal News Hour, hosted by David J. Forjan, interviews New Mexico trap victims. Interviews below tell the stories of New Mexico public lands users’ sudden, destructive, traumatic encounters with traps on public lands.

David Forjan, the host of Animal News Hour, recounts his own heart-pounding story of having to rescue his dog Annie from a trap and how he was also horribly injured—a story that is all too common in New Mexico.

Kathleen McDonald tells her story about when her dog was trapped and she was injured in the Lincoln National Forest. It is impossible to think of the places we love in the same way when a hidden trap could be anywhere.

Laura Bonar from Animal Protection of New Mexico tells how the presence of traps compelled her to abandon a beautiful day in our National Forest.

Another trap victim who lives near a New Mexico National Forest recounts multiple stories of dogs caught in traps and the struggle to rescue them. This brave individual has chosen not to reveal her name out of concern for retribution from trappers living in her area.

Terry Dubois is a Canine Corps Search and Rescue volunteer whose dog was caught in Los Alamos county.

Mary Katherine Ray of the Sierra Club, Rio Grande Chapter, has had several painful encounters with traps placed on public lands.

Experienced hiker Steve Townley relates his horrific encounter with a trap while hiking with dogs on the Continental Divide Trail outside of Silver City, NM.

Peggy Norton relates her prolonged, blood-soaked story of encountering a trap on public land.

Jene Mosley’s cats and dogs have been repeatedly caught in traps with permanent, devastating and lethal results.

Mary Katherine Ray discusses the lethal danger of traps to people, companion animals and wildlife on public lands.

The Troubles with Trapping with WildEarth Guardians on KVOT Taos.

nm ziaKnow Your NM State Legislators!

Your New Mexico state Senator and Representative have the power to ban traps, snares and poisons on public lands. Find out who they are and let them know you oppose trapping on public lands. A simple phone call and email can make all the difference.


People's Forum Panel Report on Public Lands Trapping

The New Mexico Legislature should ban trapping on public lands in New Mexico because traps harm people, animal companions, and whole populations of wildlife including rare species. Most New Mexican voters believe that trapping is cruel and unnecessary.

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