Witness Anaruth had seen dog Rodi on the streets before the incident (with all four legs), and then saw him with the injured and ultimately severed leg around October 27th hanging out across from the mail boxes in Rodarte (see yellow highlighted area in attached map image). Area Rodi was in was surrounded by private land, but Carson National Forest is also close by, as is some Tribal land.

Dog (later named “Rodi”) hanging out across from the mail boxes in Rodarte with a severly injured front left leg: bones are sticking out. Front left leg dangling, hanging by a thread. Rodi wouldn’t let anyone near. Rodi was trapped by Conrad Mahafee of CMM Lost Pet Reovery and Humane Trapping by Nov. 5 and by that time the dog lost the lower part of his leg. Anaruth saw the dog before Conrad did. Rodi was sent to vet, had major surgery, lost his left shoulder too. Suspected illegal snare trap. The trap that may have caused the injury was not recovered and nobody would be able to say definitively if it was placed on public land illegally. Dog was fostered by Anaruth and named Rodi. Rodi was later adopted by a person from Santa Fe.