Animals Caught in Traps and Snares

Steel-jaw leg-hold traps and wire cable strangulation snares are notoriously indiscriminate in what they catch. Trap victims include a vast array of animals including dogs, cats, birds, beavers, raccoons, coyotes, badgers, mountain lions, as well as endangered species that occur in New Mexico such as the Mexican wolf and Canada lynx. Traps and snares are destructive and cruel and have no place on our public lands.

The images below are not easy to view but they are necessary reminders of what occurs on our public lands. New Mexico remains a century behind in regard to wildlife management. New Mexico’s politically-appointed game commissioners are not trained in wildlife science and not are competent to understand the effects of their heavy-handed management policies. The images below make it all too clear that traps and snares inflict massive injuries upon their many victims.