Five Years Later, Cruel Indifference Continues

Over the course of the 2015-2016 trapping season, Born Free USA conducted a follow-up investigation to Victims of Vanity: our landmark investigation in 2011 that exposed the dark, brutal world of trapping.

Since the release of Victims of Vanity, trapping apologists have continued to argue that trapping is humane, necessary, and a “tradition” worth preserving. They have also accused anti-trap organizations of only broadcasting the very worst and extremely rare trapping incidents: accidents that are in no way representative of what they claim is a well-regulated, selective activity.

However, this undercover footage obtained by Born Free USA once again reveals the truth of trapping. Common trapping practices remain as ruthless, dangerous, and archaic as we revealed five years ago.

Born Free USA Trapping Investigation: Victims of Vanity II