New Mexico Trapping Incidents Map

Trap Free New Mexico is launching an online interactive map showing where trapping incidents have occurred. Red dots represent locations where dogs were caught in traps, blue dots show where illegal traps were set, yellow dots identify where Mexican gray wolves were caught, while green dots represent other incidents involving traps. (Courtesy Trap Free New Mexico)

Just in time for trapping season, a coalition calling itself Trap Free New Mexico is launching a new online interactive map that tracks incidences of illegal trapping and locations where dogs, Mexican gray wolves and even people have been caught in traps.

Chris Smith, Southern Rockies wildlife advocate for the environmental group WildEarth Guardians, said the map posted on the website is intended to raise awareness about trapping activities in New Mexico and the harm they can cause to domestic pets, wildlife and, sometimes, people.

“For us, it’s about three things,” he said. “Empowering New Mexicans who don’t know trapping is going on, is prevalent and a public safety hazard; it’s a tool for when you encounter a trap or your dog steps in a trap to report it so we can get a better scale of trapping activities, and while it doesn’t capture all the thousands of illegal trappings that take place, it shows the toll trapping has had on New Mexico as a whole.”

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