Dear Friends of TrapFree New Mexico,

Thanks to the contributions of thousands of TrapFree New Mexico supporters, November 1, 2022 marks the beginning of a very different and vastly diminished wildlife trapping season in New Mexico. For the first time ever, all public lands will be off-limits to recreational and commercial trapping. Some 32 million acres of the Land of Enchantment will now be free of cruel, indiscriminate steel jaw traps, strangulation snares, body-crushing devices, and deadly poisons. We invite you to celebrate this achievement with us.

Despite the passage of Roxy’s Law, some individuals may choose to trap illegally. We encourage all public lands users to remain vigilant and to report any trap encounters you may have through the Report A Trap form on this website. Please use this form to report traps on public land and spread the word.


NOTE: If you do come across a trap on public land, document it thoroughly but do not tamper with the trap. For your safety and for the sake of prosecuting illegal trappers, traps need to be left in place and untouched. And if you find a trap on public lands, please also report it to the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. Roxy’s Law will only work if it is enforced.


The TrapFree New Mexico Team