We have just learned that Governor Lujan Grisham has signed SB 32 into law!

Dear TrapFree New Mexico Friend,

With great pleasure, we have learned that Governor Lujan Grisham has signed SB 32 into law. Thank you all for your tireless advocacy through the years. You have been sharing these emails, signing the petitions, telling your friends, liking the TrapFree NM Facebook posts, and contacting decision makers over and over. And now at last, it has all come to fruition. Roxy’s Law will go into full effect in 2022 and traps, snares, and poisons will no longer be allowed on precious New Mexico public lands.

I personally want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your efforts. I have gotten to know many of you because you have shared your trap experiences. We are kindred spirits in our love for Nature and for wildlife. As a trap victim myself, I know a burden shared makes it easier to bear, but I will surely not miss hearing more stories of dogs trapped, of injured wildlife found suffering, of skinned carcass dumps, or of another endangered wolf harmed or killed by a private trap.

If you have never done this, have a look at all the coalition member organizations listed there. Every single one has contributed to this victory today. Every single one does wonderful work to protect and conserve wildlife in our state. As a coalition, the organizations that comprise TrapFree New Mexico never wavered even when it seemed like success was ever out of reach. Until finally, it wasn’t!

In Celebration!

–Mary Katherine Ray (also for the canine members of my family, for the coyotes I love to see in our yard, for the bobcats, foxes, badgers, and beavers I might see in the future and of course in honor and tribute for Roxy herself now that Roxy’s law is at last law!)

P.S. You can thank the Governor and praise her leadership envisioning a kinder and more compassionate New Mexico by sending a celebratory letter to the editor of your local paper. Visit here to submit to one or all.