Dear TrapFree Ally,

Hopefully you are well in these difficult times!

We are reaching out less than 2 months before New Mexico’s landscapes will once again be dotted with private, commercial traps waiting for unsuspecting paws, claws, and feet and an election that will go a long way in determining whether we can make public lands free of these cruel devices.

We have three quick favors to ask you in this critical moment:

First, please ensure that you are registered to vote and request an absentee ballot if you need one. Every single state legislative seat is up for election this year. You can ask candidates running for seats in your district how they feel about trapping on public lands and let them know that it is a major issue for you. To find out your legislative districts, click here. To find out who’s running, click here. After talking to your candidates, please let us know what they have to say!

Second, help us build our growing movement! In any normal summer, we would have been on-the-ground across the state speaking with New Mexicans of all stripes and engaging them in our work. But, as you know, this was not a normal summer and our ability to do outreach was limited. Please consider sharing this post with any of your friends, family, and neighbors who may want to be involved and have them click on this link to join us! This is immensely helpful right now.

Third, we know that many New Mexicans are hurting and not everyone is in a position to give. But, if you feel like you can help us out, all contributions will be used to help get traps and poisons off of New Mexico public lands. You can give here.

Thank you as always,
Mary Katherine Ray and the TrapFree NM Coalition