Dear TrapFree New Mexico Friend (we hope you’re still our friend),

We don’t usually send you three emails in one day, but the final days of the New Mexico legislative session can move and change quickly. And with every piece of substantial news, we want to be sure we pass it on to you. While Senate Bill 32 was previously scheduled to be heard in the House Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Committee on Saturday (tomorrow), the SB 32 hearing has now been moved to Sunday (March 14) morning at 9:00 AM

We hope that you can virtually show up in support of Roxy’s Law on Sunday morning (instead of Saturday). All you need to do is join the Zoom meeting at 9:00 AM this Sunday.

***When polled by the Committee Chair, click that you support Roxy’s Law.***

After that, we have organized some key speakers to testify on behalf of the bill.

If you cancelled some Saturday plans because of all this activity, and you now have a few spare minutes, please take the time to call and email the committee members asking them to support Roxy’s Law.

Click here to simultaneously email all Representatives listed below

Representative Debra M. Sariñana – (505) 986-4438 – 
Representative Meredith A. Dixon – (505) 986-4210 – 
Representative Matthew McQueen – (505) 986-4423 – 
Representative Kristina Ortez – (505) 986-4254 – 
Representative Melanie A. Stansbury – (505) 986-4432 – 
Representative Christine Chandler – (505) 986-4242 – 
Representative Joanne J. Ferrary – (505) 986-4438 – 
Representative Rod Montoya – (505) 986-4757 – 
Representative Larry R. Scott – (505) 986-4450 – 
Representative James R.J. Strickler – (505) 986-4220 – 
Representative James G. Townsend – (505) 986-4758 – 

Thank you for bearing with us and the New Mexico legislature. Thank you for everything you do to help make our public lands safer for people, pets, and native wildlife.