UPDATE: Please Support Senate Bill 32 (Roxy’s Law)

Dear TrapFree New Mexico Friends,

We wanted to be sure you saw this alert from TrapFree NM partner, Animal Protection Voters. Click on the link below to send a message right now to your legislators, some of whom have just been elected, asking them to support Roxy’s Law* to prohibit traps and poisons from NM public lands.

*Roxy’s Law is named for a senior cattle dog who was killed in a neck snare set on public land in 2018.

Tell Your Legislators to Support Senate Bill 32 “Roxy’s Law”

Did You Know?

  • Every year, steel jaw leghold traps, body-crushing traps, and foot and neck snares are hidden throughout New Mexico’s public lands by trappers hoping to kill thousands of wild animals and make money from furs.
  • Trapping is the only state-sanctioned activity that allows private individuals to kill unlimited numbers of wildlife—almost 10,000 a year in New Mexico—and sell their body parts for private commercial profit.
  • Some state agencies and counties spend federal, state & local tax dollars to contract with federal wildlife agents to kill many thousands of wild animals with M-44 “cyanide bombs” and other poisons on public lands.

New Mexico tourists and residents enjoy the great outdoors on our public lands with their children, friends, and companion animals. The last thing they want to see is their child injured, or their dog or a beautiful wild animal cruelly caught—or killed—in dangerous, archaic traps. And with climate change making the future of New Mexico’s wild habitat and water uncertain, unlimited taking of wildlife to be sold in commercial markets has the potential to devastate our ecosystem in the coming years.

Urge your New Mexico state legislators to support Roxy’s Law
to ban traps, snares, and poisons on public lands »