Traps and snares are a threat to public land users, their dogs and wildlife, including endangered Mexican wolves, who are caught, maimed and killed by these indiscriminate devices. Steel jaw traps have been banned in over 100 countries and our neighboring states of Arizona and Colorado because of their indiscriminate nature and extreme cruelty. With House Bill 366, “Roxy’s Law,” the New Mexico Legislature has the power to fix this problem.

Ninety-nine and nine-tenths percent of New Mexicans do not trap, and 70 percent of New Mexicans oppose trapping on public lands. Public lands should be safe for everyone to explore and enjoy without the risk of a lethal encounter. It is clear that trapping is incompatible with public safety and that the destruction will not stop until traps are removed from public lands. In light of the ongoing and escalating conflicts, removing traps from public lands is long overdue.

Charles Fox
Santa Fe

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