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New Mexico Citizens Speak Out for Trap-Free Public Lands

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Bobcat in barn still had foot caught in illegal trap

By Rick Nathanson / Albuquerque Journal From time to time, Christine Landers would encounter the same “beautiful” male bobcat in her Placitas barn early in the morning when she awoke to feed her horses and do other chores. They would briefly make eye contact before...

Judge: Challenge to cougar trapping may proceed

A federal magistrate judge is allowing a lawsuit that asserts a state wildlife agency’s decision to open a cougar trapping season on public lands violates the Endangered Species Act to proceed. The cougar trapping season, which began Nov. 1 and ends March 31, is the...

Cull of the Wild: The Truth behind Trapping

A provocative exposé of the corrupt and inhumane trapping industry that kills between four and five million animals annually, perpetuated indiscriminately by the Wildlife Services arm of the US...

Breaking News: Cougar Trapping Season Has Started

While APNM’s state and federal lawsuits are still ongoing, the legal process can take months or years—and the cougar trapping carnage has now begun. Starting November 1 of this year—for the first time in nearly five decades—millions of acres of New Mexico’s private...

nm ziaContact Your State Legislators!

Ask your NM state senator to support SB 286: NM WILDLIFE PROTECTION & PUBLIC SAFETY ACT Your NM state Senator and Representative have the power to ban trapping. Find out who they are and let them know you oppose trapping on public lands. A simple phone call and email can make all the difference.


New Mexicans want safe, trap-free public lands

TrapFree New Mexico is a coalition opposing cruel, destructive traps on public lands. Traps pose an unacceptable risk to public lands users, companion animals, and wildlife. We seek a ban on traps on public lands in New Mexico for the sake of public safety, wildlife and ecological integrity. More than 100 countries worldwide have banned or severely restricted the use of traps. New Mexico should do the same.

People's Forum Panel Report on Public Lands Trapping

The New Mexico Legislature should ban trapping on public lands in New Mexico because traps harm people, animal companions, and whole populations of wildlife including rare species. Most New Mexican voters believe that trapping is cruel and unnecessary.

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